We’re excited to introduce Chris Wilkinson as the third and newest member of team Wild Horse!

A bitter drinker for a long time, Chris was turned on to modern craft beer after coming across Brewdog and US imports from the likes of Goose Island and Samuel Adams and quickly developed a taste for hop-forward North American beer styles.

That was as far as things went until a chance meeting with a homebrewer during a winter spent in the Canadian Rocky Mountains introduced him to the idea of ‘brewing your own’. After trying his hand at a few beer kits, with decidedly mixed results, Chris was further inspired during a springtime road trip through the craft beer heaven that is the state of Oregon on the West Coast of the USA.

Back in the UK, and entirely by chance, he was offered a place on a one-day brewing course with some friends. That in turn led Chris to John Palmer’s home brew bible ‘How to Brew’ and the purchase of a basic brew kit and some ingredients. Armed with a bit of knowledge and plenty of enthusiasm he started producing some palatable home brewed beers of his own. He soon began to wonder if he would ever be able to turn his new hobby into a career and leave behind his life as a chef.

Chris aims to bring a variety of skills to the role of Trainee Brewer at Wild Horse alongside his enthusiasm for craft beer. He said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I am very excited about what lies ahead, both on the brewing side and as the brewery continues to expand and grow. When I sprinkled the yeast on my first batch of home brew I never imagined that brewing might one day turn into a career!”


Our shiny new 10-barrel brewery plant and grain milling equipment (manufactured in Canada, Belgium and here in the UK) arrived in March/April 2016 with the first 10-barrel brew taking place on 30.04.2016.  Check out this video of the install…


It’s the 1st of March and for those of us in Wales that means one thing – St. David’s Day!

We love all things Welsh and we’ll be celebrating today with a Welsh cake and a Wild Horse craft brew! Although… we’re not sure St. David would have approved of our brewer Dave to be honest – the saint taught his followers to refrain from drinking beer!

We’re pretty excited that our beers will be at a Welsh beer festival in London this week – if you’re in the area pop into The Rake pub at Borough Market to enjoy a vast selection of Welsh beers (3rd-6th March). We’re heading down this weekend to enjoy a few of them ourselves!

So, whether you’re celebrating by wearing a daffodil or leek, dressing up in traditional Welsh costume, taking part in a St. David’s Day parade, singing Welsh folk songs, eating some yummy Welsh food or enjoying a few delicious Welsh beers, we hope you all have a very happy St. David’s Day 2016!  Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

A bit about St. David and what he did:

  • A Welsh bishop during the 6th century
  • The patron saint of our brilliant country since the height of Welsh resistance to the Normans
  • The patron saint of doves!
  • He founded 12 monasteries known for their extreme self-denial – unlike modern day Trappist monks 6th century Welsh monks didn’t get to drink any beer – they lived only on bread, vegetables, water and milk
  • He performed many miracles – the most famous at Synod of Brefi when he made the ground he stood on rise into a hill so the crowds could see him as he preached
  • He’s thought to have died on 1st March 589 AD


It’s been a busy few weeks at Wild Horse and our beer has been flying out… the bad news is that we’re a bit low on bottles stock at the brewery shop but the good news is that we now have beer on tap to take home in 1.89L growlers!

330ml bottles availability:
Chocolate Orange Milk Stout 6.5% – £2.60 – available now
Buckskin Blonde 4.5% – £1.95 – back in stock 22 December
Dark Bay Porter 5.0% – £2.10 – back in stock 24 December (after 11am)
Palomino Pale Ale 5.4% – £2.25 – out of stock until the new year

Currently on tap to take home in 1.89L growlers:
Palomino Pale Ale 5.4% – new £17, refill £10.00
Dark Bay Porter 5.0% – new £16.50, refill £9.50
Fleabitten Wheat 4.0% – new £15.75, refill £8.75
Dülmen Dunkelweizen 4.6% – new £16.25, refill £9.25


Also remember to check out our stockists page to find other places to get Wild Horse beer.

We wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year!

Christmas 2015 opening hours:
Monday 21 December 10am to 6pm
Tuesday 22 December 12pm to 5pm
Wednesday 23 December 9am to 7pm
Thursday 24 December 9am to 1pm
Friday 25 December CLOSED
Saturday 26 December CLOSED
Sunday 27 December CLOSED
Monday 28 December CLOSED
Tuesday 29 December 9am to 7pm
Wednesday 30 December TBC
Thursday 31 December 9am to 1pm
Friday 1 January CLOSED
Saturday 2 January 9am to 7pm
Sunday 3 January CLOSED


Oh what fun it is to ride in a wild horse open sleigh!  Well we don’t have a sleigh (yet!) but we are at the Llandudno Christmas Fayre from Thursday 19 November to Sunday 22 November 2015.

Come along, say hello, try our beers and check out our Christmassy stall and gift packs.  We’re also excited to be launching Chocolate Orange Milk Stout today at the fayre – a milk stout brewed with fresh orange peel and cocoa nibs roasted freshly by Baravelli’s of Conwy – it’s fantastic!

We’ll also be taking pre-orders for Christmas cases and growlers which can be picked up any time before Christmas.  Look forward to seeing you there!


If you’ve already been down to our brewery, you know we’re pretty small!  But how small?  Well, very small… we’re nano sized at the moment and one of the smallest commercial breweries in Wales and the UK!

Our brew house has a tiny half-barrel working capacity… that’s only 18 gallons, 82 litres or 144 pints per batch, so not much bigger than most home breweries!  Despite our size, we’re making as much top quality craft beer as we can –  Dave is doing double brew days, twice a week, to fill one of four 1-barrel uni-tanks.  The uni-tanks are insulated, cooled and heated (with temperature control) and are used for both fermenting and conditioning the beer.  The brew day takes about 10-11 hours and fermentation and conditioning takes about two weeks to complete with our current range of ales.  After production losses, our weekly output is about 60 gallons, 273 litres, or 480 pints… a lot to drink yourself, but not a lot for a commercial brewery!

Our beer is nowhere near as readily available as we want it to be and we want to increase our range too… so we’re excited to be expanding in early 2016…

Our brand new 10-barrel brew house is being manufactured on Prince Edward Island in Canada and is due to arrive in Llandudno in late January.  Our fermentation uni-tanks are coming from Belgium – we have 2 x 10-barrel tanks 2 x 20-barrel tanks on order.  We also have milling equipment being manufactured in the UK so we can continue to mill our malts freshly onsite at the brewery.  The new brewery is a state of the art brewing system and will be a stainless steel master piece.  It will increase our brewery capacity more than 15-fold – that’s over 900 gallons, 4091 litres or 7200 pints of beer a week!  As well as increasing capacity, we’ll also be able to brew more styles of beer – we’re not able to brew full batches of lager or kettle soured beers are the moment and have been limited to 1-keg batches of these beers on our even tinier 20-litre system.  2016 should see the release of Halflinger lager, a Tudno Weisse (Llandudno’s very own Berliner Weisse!) and more Experimental Series beers too!

We can’t wait… 2016 is going to be a big year for Wild Horse!




Learn to Homebrew Day 2015 was on Saturday 7 November and we welcomed 20+ people interested in home brewing to Wild Horse brewery in Llandudno.  We had a blast!  Emma served Wild Horse beer (Fleabitten Wheat and Milk Stout were on tap) and Dave went through an all-grain brew from start to finish as well as demoing a kit beer.  The all-grain beer (recipe below) was a Cascade SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) beer and the kit brew was an Red India Ale from Youngs.

82 litres of Cascade SMaSH was brewed – 20 litres was fermented here at the brewery and 3 x 20 litres were taken away by three lucky home brewers – Dan Watkins from Llandudno, Michael Graham from Llandudno and Steve Green from Llangollen.  Dan chose not to dry hop it, Michael has dry hopped with 50g of Cascade leaf hops and Steve fermented with a saison yeast and dry hopped with 50g of Pacific Jade and 50g of Admiral from his freezer.  The batch fermented here at the brewery will be dry hopped in the keg with 50g of Cascade pellet hops.  It’ll be really interesting to taste the finished beers and see the differences!

For those interested, Dave will be kegging and bottling the two beers at 10am on Saturday 21 November – you are welcome to come and join him to learn how to bottle and keg your own craft beer at home.

We can’t wait to taste the results!

Iechyd Da!

Cascade SMaSH Recipe
Batch size: 82 litres (half barrel)
Pre-boil volume: 99 litres
Post-boil volume: 93 litres
Mash temp: 67°C
Boil length: 60 mins
Pre-boil SG: 1047
OG: 1050
FG: 1010
ABV: 5.2%

Mash schedule:
17.22kg of Maris Otter Pale
47 litres of Llandudno water @ 75⁰C
15.4g of CaSO4
7.9g of CaCl2 77%
0.7ml of Phosphoric Acid 75%

95 litres of Llandudno water @ 77⁰C
2.0ml of Phosphoric Acid 75%

Boil schedule:
60g of Cascade Leaf 9.0% @ 60 mins
100g of Cascade Leaf 9.0% @ 10 mins
3g of CCG311 Kettle Finings @ 10 mins
5g of Yeast Vit TCB @ 10 mins
150g of Cascade Leaf 9.0% @ 5 mins
200g of Cascade Leaf 9.0% @ 0 mins

Split batch into 4 x 20 litres batches

American ale yeast (about 100ml of slurry per 20 litre batch)
Start at 19°C rising to 21°C after 2-3 days

Optional dry hop:
50g Cascade Pellet (per 20 litres)


We had a great night at the Wild Horse Tap Takeover and Tapas event at the Bank of Conwy on 7 October 2015.  In addition to Buckskin Blonde, Palomino Pale Ale and Dark Bay Porter, three one-off kegs of Wild Horse Experimental Series beers were brewed for the event:

Haflinger Lager 5.1% – a malty Vienna-style amber lager
Appaloosa Amber Ale 6.8% – a hoppy West Coast American-style amber ale
Blackberry Tudno Weisse 2.9% – a sour German-style wheat beer made with Little Orme blackberries

The beer, food and pairings were all fantastic.  The Experimental Series brews went down a treat with the overall favourite being Haflinger Lager.  We plan to start brewing full scale batches of Halflinger in 2016 following our expansion.  Appaloosa and a Tudno Weisse brew are also likely to be brewed again.

Iechyd Da!




We’re now officially and permanently licensed to sell beer and our brewery shop is open tomorrow (Saturday 11th July, 10am to 5pm).  Pop down to our Llandudno brewery – we’ll be doing free tastings and we’ve got beer by the bottle, gift packs, glasses, t-shirts and hoodies.  We’ll be announcing regular opening times soon but if  you’re ever passing and we’re here… feel free to pop in!


We’d like to wish everyone a happy Canada Day 2015… grab a craft beer and a bowl of poutine and celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday!

At Wild Horse we love all things Canadian because this is really where our journey started back in 2010. We lived in Canada from 2010 to 2014 and arrived in Calgary, Alberta at the start of the 2010 Calgary Stampede – we instantly fell in love with the city. What a time to arrive… if you don’t know, the Calgary Stampede is a rodeo and city-wide party. Nothing quite prepares you for craziness that is Calgary during this 10 day event! You feel like you have arrived in the old west with bales of straw lining the streets and both locals and tourists alike dressed in jeans, buckles, plaid shirts, boots and cowboy hats! The Calgary Stampede claims to be (and quite rightly so in our opinion) “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.

Soon after arriving in Calgary, an American couple, Ben and Jenn (co-workers of Emma) invited us to join them and a group of friends for a tour of the Wild Rose Brewery. The brewery and taproom was housed in an old military building called AF 23 and was just a fantastic place to be. Both the beer and brewery tour were amazing… an incredibly passionate guide and such flavourful craft ales, served cold from kegs, which we love. We think this was the moment that our craft beer journey began and Emma will never forget that first taste of Wild Rose IPA, having never tasted anything like it before!

In July 2011, Dave’s family descended on Calgary for his 30th birthday and a gift from Andy, Rob and Rachel (Dave’s brothers and sister) began the next stage of our craft beer journey… a home brew kit! The first brew was an American IPA and it was ready to drink by about September. We weren’t sure how it was going to taste and were pleasantly surprised when it was pretty good! The next two kit batches were quite ropey but Dave then decided to start getting more advanced and by 2012 was brewing from scratch on our 24th floor balcony. The brews got better so Dave starting setting himself some brewing goals…

2013: join the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers homebrew club and enter some competitions
2014: medal in a competition
And later… 2015: open a craft brewery back in North Wales!

The feedback from the 2013 competitions helped with recipe and brewing process improvements and in 2014 Dave won Gold in Calgary, Regina and Vancouver and Bronze in Lethbridge for his Blonde Ale (the recipe for Buckskin Blonde is based on this). We left Canada in June 2014 and Dave finished 2014 being ranked in the top 40 homebrewers in Canada – not bad as we were only there for half of the competition year!

Cheers Canada and happy birthday, we’ll be raising our glasses to you tonight!

Dave & Emma